How To Learn French Online

Are you looking for the best way to learn how to speak french? Learning french online can be a convenient and easy way to improve your french language skills. Below is a listing of online french courses that specialize in french for beginners:
How To Learn and Memorize The Vocabulary of Any Language Master foreign languages quickly using the Magnetic Memory Method. With the Magnetic Memory Approach language expert Anthony Metivier will highlight the most effective way to learn a new language. Improve your ability to learn and memorize french vocabulary by using straightforward memory techniques that you could learn in a few short hours.
Rosetta Stone A journey from the basics of french to a whole new level of sophistication. There are three levels to the program which will help you build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and language structure. Learn simple conversational phrases such as "hello" and "goodbye," arrange travel, order food, go shopping and more! Rosetta Stone offer a free demo here Free Rosetta Stone Demo Read A Review of the Rosetta Stone Course
French In Action This series uses active participation to increase fluency in French, while introducing French culture. Pierre Capretz's proven language-immersion method is as a storyline of an American student and a young Frenchwoman's adventures in Paris. Produced by Yale University and WGBH Boston with Wellesley College. 1987.
Michael Thomas Michel Thomas provides a patented approach to teach french and has reached over a million learners around the world. French language training is done through audio books which requires listening and not writing, reading, or memorization. . The audiobooks provide: a full working vocabulary, essential comprehension skill and complete confidence in the french language.

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As a Bilingual city many employment opportunities in Ottawa, especially those with the Federal Government require you to be bilingual. Taking a course in french is one of the best ways to become fluent in both official languages.


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